Beamit Where Messages And Photos Sharing Are Mashed!

Beamit Where Messages And Photos Sharing Are Mashed!

This is Beamit a messaging app that provides the user with a range tools that have been designed to make the simple messaging process much more exciting, by offering the user a wide range of features. First of all you need to get you close contacts on board, once you have group established then it is easy to send cool photo messages to the entire group or to just one person, which is ideal for personal or business purposes. Not only that you will be able to like and comment on your groups content, share all of your photos at once and produce a “Photo Drawer” that allows users to view a whole lot of images. This feature means that the user is not missing out on the conversations taking place at the time, so you are always going to be part of what being said.

This photo messaging app has been created by Cooliris, who already have a foothold in the photo browsing app market with their app of the same name. However, Beamit is different; it is really cool and offers the user something a bit different to what is already on the market, which makes all of the difference to the user. There are some cool features available with this app such as being able to share photos in their full resolution, the images are not resized to the point where you can hardly see any of the details, with this app, you are getting the full picture every time.

Beamit Where Messages And Photos Sharing Are Mashed!

You do not even need to be online to enjoy this app, because even when there is no wireless connection available you will still be able to upload photos and produce comments, which will be synched automatically as soon as the device is online again. Currently Beamit is available for iOS powered devices free from iTunes, but there is an Android and web version in the works, hopefully the wait will not be too long for these to launch.

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