TiddlyBot The Robot Powered By The Raspberry Pi!

TiddlyBot The Robot Powered By The Raspberry Pi!

This is an interesting idea that mashes together two types of technology, robotics and computers. The TiddlyBot is a great way to learn the basics of robotics and it is not going to cost the earth either. This is because its brain is the small and inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer, which is not provided in the with the Tiddlybot kit, but will only cost around £25 to buy. Now you have your TiddlyBot starter kit and the Raspberry Pi computer, you are ready to build a robot. This is something that a few years would have cost a lot of money and time to complete. Thanks to PiBot, they have made it so much easier and more to the point this is the perfect way for anyone to learn about the technology of building robots and making them do practical things.

The basic robot is just that, you would not think of it any other way and as such these robots are able to draw cool pictures, follow lines already drawn onto paper and much more. That is why the TiddlyBot is great for schools, children and just anyone who is really interested in robotics, robots and computing. Where else can you learn basics of robot programming for a reasonable price? The best place to start is with the starter kit it provides all you need to turn your Raspberry Pi into the cool and funky TiddlyBot.

TiddlyBot The Robot Powered By The Raspberry Pi!

The basic kit comes with the chassis and wheels, continuous rotation servos, three different styled drawing pens, all of the software needed on a handy SD card, a plug in interface board and that all important starter guide. We are expecting the TiddlyBot to launch before the end of the year, but you can pre order the starter kit from just $44!

Source: PiBot


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