Concerned Or Worried! Talk To The I’m Listening App!

Concerned Or Worried! Talk To The I'm Listening App!

We have to say that when we first heard of the I’m Listening App our first thoughts were of Frasier Crane and his radio show where people would call in and he would try to help them through what was worrying them. Then as it turns out, the I’m Listening App is very much like that except in this case its real people with real worries who are looking for some real help or advice. The worry for some people about airing an issue that bothers them is that they might be getting back answers that not helpful or even insulting. However, the I’m Listening App is a place for like minded people who are looking for a place to share concerns and maybe offer some useful advice to other users at the same time. It is hard for anyone who has not experienced certain issues to realise how useful talking to people can be, this is what this app is all about. The I’m Listening App is not ready to launch just yet as it is in development, but it is looking to the crowd funding scene for backers in order to get this interesting idea off the ground and helping people to help themselves and others.

Concerned Or Worried! Talk To The I'm Listening App!

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