The Makemove App Brings Talented People Together!

The Makemove App Brings Talented People Together!

There are plenty of social media apps and sites available to suit almost everyone. However, they all have one thing in common and that is you need to use your existing contacts to build up your network. The problem with this is that the social network builds up into a massive online business due to the work that you have done building your own personal network of contacts. Nevertheless, here is an interesting idea from Sam Englund; he is the co-founder the Makemove app along with Jonatan Lindahl. Together they are a designer and developer team based in Sweden. The Makemove app is currently only available to iPhone owners, but it is a great tool designed with a view of connecting people, projects and skills all together in one handy place. The great thing is being able to connect to people from outside of your network.

There are plenty of ways in which Makemove can make all the difference in your life. Say you have a project in development and you need a designer or developer, simply connect with designers on Makemove and you are halfway on the way to connect with other like minded people, which is an excellent way of building a work related network. This app is free to download from iTunes right now, so if you have a project, skill or just need to connect to talented people, then the Makemove app is a great place to start from.

The Makemove App Brings Talented People Together!

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