Get your Windows 8 start screen under control with Start Screen Unlimited

How many users of the Windows 8 operating system do not like the start screen, maybe it’s the look or just because its different to what they have become accustomed to. Gaining full control of the start screen may not be as difficult as you might think of at first. With the new Start Screen Unlimited download you will be able to add all of those popular features that you have been used to such as; an analogue or digital clock, Google search, power controls and how about adding some of those popular gadgets that link directly to your favourite apps? This is how it works; you can expect to be enjoying from the new Start Screen Unlimited for Windows 8 powered devices? Well let us take a closer look; it comes with a completely new redesign for the user interface.

There is multiple display support, it is a stable all time taskbar displaying, with a fast switching between the full screen mode and showing the taskbar. It also comes with added Windows snap support and there is a fixed issue with the auto starting after a device reboot. The Start Screen Unlimited download starts from the free edition and it goes right up to $30 for the top of the range business version, the choice is yours.

Source: Greatis

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