SmartyPans take all the hard work out of cooking

We are used to smart devices these days, but in the kitchen, development of smart gadgets and equipment has been slow. However, some devices are on the way and that is why we are looking at the SmartyPan, the connected pan that takes all of the guess work out of cooking. The pan has built in sensors and a battery, this helps its to find the weight of the ingredients, monitor temperatures and humidity, while constantly transmitting this data to the cooks smartphone via the SmartyPan app. The result will be happy guests and a proud chef. So what makes this pan smart? Well each one comes with three built in sensors, one each for weight, humidity and temperature, it has a built in 5v rechargeable battery and an Atmel Atmega 48-20mu processor.

It connects to the cooks smartphone running the SmartyPans app through a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 connection and as for its size the pan measures up at 11.796 inches (W) x 3.886 inches (D) x 11.811 (H) and the handle is 4.513 inches (W) x 1.669 inches (D) x 10.231 (H). There will be quite a wait before you are able to cook something in one of these pans as they will be going on sale around this time next year. However, you could pre order one of the first models from around $169 right now and beat your friends to one of the best tools a cook could ever want.

Source: SmartyPans