Treat your iOS 8 emoji keyboard to a facelift with Emojiyo

Now that Apple are allowing developers to create cool and exciting keyboards there is no need to stick to the simple standard emoji keyboard as Emojiyo offers bit more than the standard features. The one thing that users will notice is that it uses the same built in emoji keyboard but it’s much more easier to use with none of that hunting through sections in order to find what you need, this was simply too time consuming and boring. There was also the little issue of those twenty odd recently used emoji icons; you simply cannot work with such a limited amount with the Emojiyo keyboard you get to choose from 250 emoji, which should be enough to please any user.

Finally just to make it even more cool, the user is able to mash up a phrase using emojis and words, what’s more these phases can be saved, which is another useful time saving feature. Let us face it nobody wants to be the one who sends one message to everyone’s three or four messages as that sort of messes up with the conversation. The Emojiyo app has already been submitted through the Apple app system and once it has been approved, it is going to be free to download, which is a great bit of news.

Source: Emojiyo