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It has been six years since Caterina Fake co-founder of Flickr left Yahoo, but she has kept busy and her latest start-up is the travel guide Findery. The app has been created to cater for travellers who are visiting somewhere new, you know how it is when you visit somewhere new the best places to eat, drink or stay in are not so easy to find unless you know a local. However, there is Findery an app that helps you to find interesting stuff and places that are literally right around you. Unlike ratings and reviews sites, Findery intends to use real people in order to build a better picture of the place that you visiting. You could think of it as a local person right there in your pocket waiting to provide insider information on what is cool in the local area.

It is easy to use too, simply open the app and zoom in or zoom out in order to get a better picture of what is going all around you. There are also notes left by users, similar to what you might get on Foursquare such as “Great coffee here!”. Obviously, some users go a bit over board on the notes, so some will be short and sweet, while others might be like a review and that is what makes Findery so interesting, it has been built based in the experiences of real people and that allows the user to make a better judgement on places. Findery is a free app available for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

Findery app travel guide Findery app travel guide Findery app travel guide

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