Ping the simple app for notifications!

From the makers of the app that encourages anonymity Secret – Speak Freely is Ping and believe it or not there is hardly anything to this simple app, when compared Secret. Ping is an ultra simple app that can be set up to notify the user of social media trends, cool movies or what are the top apps at the moment or any information that user is interested in. There is a bit of a mystery going on here, on exactly how the app obtains this relevant information based on the user’s requirement. This is because there is no need to sign in with a username or even enter a password etc, but there is good news and that is it is free!

The thing about Ping is how simple it is and yet it is able to tell the user about information that is relevant to what the user wants, it really is impressive and the fact that it is mysterious makes it all the more interesting. The apps designers say that they have developed the app so that it is able to adapt to how the smartphone is being used, which in turn helps it become a more personalised experience without all of the hassle. The Ping app is free to download from Google Play for Android and iTunes for devices running on iOS.

Source: I Am Ping