Speak Your Mind With The Vent App!

Social media is brilliant, but after spending so much time and effort building up your network the last thing that you need to do is rant and rave at something that annoys you, while at the same time find out that you are upsetting people in your social networking circle. However, that does not mean you have to keep quiet about things that annoy you, because there is Vent! This is an app where you can shout out about anything you like, all without the fear of losing any of your social media friends. On the other hand, come to think of it, people you work with too because work colleagues often check out social media too!

With Vent you create yourself an online persona choose your mood from calm to furious and then start sharing all those things that are annoying you. You can build up a new network by following other Vent users. So now, you get it off your chest without the worry that somebody is going to take exception to your moaning. This free app is currently only available on iTunes, so if you have an iPhone and have got something to say then Vent is for you, it is the place where you can speak your mind without worrying about it.

Source: Vent Feed