Drop Protection For The iPhone From Rhinoshield

Like many smartphone owners, we have dropped our devices on more than one occasion, sometimes they survive with a scratch or mark, while on other occasions the screen has either cracked or completely smashed. It’s a lottery as to what happens and with Rhionshields help, it could quite easily become a thing of the past and they will not be many smartphone owners who will be sad to see the end of that, there is nothing cool about a new phone with a cracked or damaged screen. For the moment, the guys over at Evolutive Labs are concentrating their efforts on the iPhone and so the crash guard has been developed with this phone in mind. Its 2.5 mm thick, light at around 12 grams and will protect a device dropped onto a hard surface from twenty feet, in fact, the video shows it being dropped from higher height and the still the iPhone showed no damage.

You might already be familiar with Rhinoguards screen protector that protects iPhone screens from scratches, water and impact, so you can imagine the protection that you will be getting if you happen to be using the screen protector and crash guard bumper at the same time. In fact, they do actually a combination pack of these two if required. There are six cool colours to choose from; grey, black, purple, blue, red or orange, they all offer the same protection, the difference is you can show off your style by matching the crash guard to other accessories. There is a bumper waiting for your iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus, do you really want to take a chance on your lovely new smartphone surviving a drop?

The Rhinoshield Crash Guard will be launching soon and will be priced around £18, but pre order now and you can get one for around £12 with a choice colour too.

Source: Evolutive Labs