Microsoft Launches The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner!

For Xbox One owners Microsoft are opening up the world of television with the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner that gives users in the UK and some parts of Europe the same features as those US users have been enjoying since the console was launched. The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is basically a USB and coaxial cable convertor that allows the console offer free to view TV services to the user from the set top box. It is easy to set up too, just plug the cable into the adapter and the USB into the Xbox One. That it done and it will now make the Xbox One the entertainment hub for the home and all of the family, as Microsoft promised when it was launched.

With this cool TV accessory the user will be able to check TV Listings in OneGuide, enjoy TV Viewing in Snap Mode, as well as being able to Pause, rewind and fast forward Live TV. There is the OneGuide on SmartGlass and of course, what viewers really want from an online television service, TV On Demand! The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will cost £25 in the UK and 30 Euros in parts of Europe from the Microsoft Store right now.

Source: Xbox News