The iPad Gets A Proper Keyboard Called BrydgeAir!

The iPad is a great device, but there are times when a keyboard would come in handy, sure you can get portable keyboards but that means carrying two things around with you and that just will not work for some people. However, there is a new idea coming to the marketplace and it’s called the BrydgeAir Keyboard that fixes to the iPad and doubles as a protective case. Once fitted the iPad has a laptop feel about it, the hinge feature allows the display to be moved to the correct viewing angle and the backlit keys make it easy to use no matter what the lighting conditions are. It is made from a single piece of high grade aluminium, which not only goes in with the style of Apple it has that top of the range feel that iPad users like so much.

The keyboard matches the iPad design as its made from aluminium, but it also comes with built in speakers, backlit keys, connects via Bluetooth 3.0 and weighs in at around 520 grams with the battery pack installed that the manufacturer says will last for up to three months. The BrydgeAir Keyboard for the Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2 will begin shipping soon and will cost around £105, there are three cool colours to choose from too; silver, gold and grey, so there is a BrydgeAir Keyboard to suit all users, no matter what their preferences are.

Source: Brydge Keyboards