Solve Those Math Questions With Your Smartphone And Photomath!

Maths is one of those subjects that you really love or you really do not, but at point in our working or leisure lives, we find that we are presented by a maths question or puzzle. At this point it normally here when we begin to come out in a cold sweat as we try to make sense of the question in front of us. Simply download the Photomath app to your smartphone and you will soon be solving all sorts of questions and puzzles without even having to think about it, now that is the sort of maths that we like and we are betting you would like it too.

All you have to do now is simply point the smartphone camera directly towards the maths question on paper in front of you and the app will instantly get to work. There is a handy steps button built in that allows you follow how its worked out. Just in case you are asked about how you got to the solution, you would not want to trip up right at the last minute would you? Photomath is a free available from iTunes and the Windows Phone Store, they are currently working on the Android version, so there is not too for you to wait.

Source: Photomath