Cover Candy Offers Protection For Smartwatches!

For most smartphone owners, the first thing they do when they get a new smartphone is to cover it with a case. So it seems only natural that the owner of a new and expensive smart watch might interested in doing the same thing, but how is it possible to protect a smart watch with a case? While at the moment there is nothing available for those smart watch owners, there is something coming in the pipeline and they are calling it the Cover Candy from Dwiss. There are several choices available too, so like smartphone cases the owner can choose a style and design that suits their style or lifestyle, so there is a Cover Candy for everyone and every kind of lifestyle.

The range of styles is amazing from leather in different colours to a wide variety of silicon type straps. There is a choice of fittings too, from silver to gold and onto black. The beauty of the Cover Candy system is that it protects and looks cool all at the same time. The Cover Candy smart watch accessories can be pre ordered now from just $49, for a choice of Toucan, 316L stainless steel lugs, choice of genuine leather strap and five watch faces so there is a Cover Candy for everyone.

Source: DWISS