Got A Problem Then Throw Tomatoes At It!

Throughout history, people have thrown rotten tomatoes at people they are not happy with, but these days throwing anything at a politician or celebrity is just going to end up with you getting into trouble and let’s face it nobody really wants that to happen. But no need to think that you have to let people get away with it, as you can still throw a tomato at them with the Throw Tomatoes app on iOS. With this free to download app, you can throw either a green or red tomato onto an image, as a way of expressing your opinion, green is good and red is not so good, it is a cool of letting people know how you feel about things.

It is easy to get going too, take photos, add a filter, place an object in a convenient place and you are good to go. However, there is more, you can leave comments, agree or disagree with other users and of course share it on social media for everyone to see, comment on or maybe even throw their own tomato at. So if you feel like throwing a tomato at somebody, don’t do it in real life get the Throw Tomatoes app create a cool image and share it with all of your friends. The Throw Tomatoes app is free on iTunes for iOS powered devices.

Source: Throw Tomatoes