Your Chance To Ask Mark Zuckerberg A Question!

It is no secret that at Facebook on a Friday they have a Q&A session, but this normally for just those who are lucky enough to work there. However, things are about to change when Facebook opens up to questions from anyone. Naturally, the questions are going to have to be relevant and sensible, but never the less it is a nice opportunity for anyone who what to get involved and to be honest there must be a lot of people who would love the chance to throw Mark Zuckerberg a question.

According the posting on the page by Mark Zuckerberg, this is what he has to say about the Q&A’s session taking place today, check it out;

It’s an important part of Facebook’s culture. People ask thoughtful questions about why our company is going in certain directions, what I think about things happening in the world, and how we can continue improving our services for everyone.

Mark Zuckerberg Question Facebook

So Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are holding an open Q&A session, so our question to you is, what would you ask him, considering that the rules are that the questions have to thoughtful and relevant, after all you wouldn’t want to waste an opportunity like this would you?

Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page