Odysee Saves Your Images And Videos On Your PC!

Taking photos and creating cool videos is just one great thing about owning a Smartphone, sharing them is also a major part of the process and yet saving them is left to chance as many people use the devices own limited storage or the cloud, both these options are straight forward and yet they have security issues too. If the Smartphone is lost or stolen, all of the content has gone with it and even the most secure cloud service can have security issues from time to time. Why put all of that at risk?

Odysee Saves Images And Videos On PC's

There is another way that is safe, secure and it is called Odysee! This is a free app for now, that makes sure that your content is backed up to your home or business PC where it is safe and sound. Now this content is ready for you to edit and share as much as you like without any hassle at all. This is great for business, personal and family use, who can rest assured that their photos and video are safely stored away on the main computer.

Odysee Saves Images And Videos On PC's

The Odysee app is free for iPhone users for now and it can be downloaded from iTunes now, a charge of around $5 per year will be applied when the pricing policy starts, sometime next year.

Source: Odysee