Wildcard Turns Webpage’s Into Handy Cards!

If you are looking for a new mobile web browsing experience then Wildcard might be something worth looking at. It has just been released on iTunes for iOS powered devices and it offers the user an interesting and new way to view a web page on a mobile device. The app is free and once you start using it you will be thrilled at how different it is from a normal mobile browser. You get trending and top searches, as well as new content on the main screen. Just choose what you want to see and it is there right in front of you.

The New Wildcard Browser

Searching is fast and straight forward offering a selection of news and other content from a variety of sources, you can search for anything too the only difference is the way the results are presented to you. The card layout might not be everyone, but it is clean and straight forward to understand in many cases that is all we ever need from a mobile web browser. Wildcard is available now online to try and there is an iOS app available from iTunes, the downside is that it is only available in the US at the present time this is because Wildcard, is just a start up at the moment.

The New Wildcard Browser

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