The Bracket Aluminium Cable Dock For MacBooks!

Despite the smooth design and styling of the MacBook, Apple are still to find a way of keeping all of those cables tidy and out of the way. After all, nobody likes a mass of cables all tangled up across the desk, it looks untidy and the cables just get in the way.

Bracket Aluminium Cable Dock For MacBooks

However, with the Bracket cable dock there is room for a power cable, a couple of mini display port cables, USB 3.0 connection and 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is easy to use too, simply open up the Bracket, place the cables onto the right slot and closed it down securing it with coin to tighten the screw fixing.

The design is smart and has a quality machined finish that in parts will have a tolerance of 0.1 mm thickness. It has been blasted by beads and has a smart anodized finish, with a laser finished logo that all adds to the coolness of this useful device.

Bracket Aluminium Cable Dock For MacBooks

The Bracket is made from a single block of 6061 T6 A Grade aluminium, so it’s going to be tough and light, it blends right in with your Apple devices, while keeping all of those cables neat and tidy. The designers are hoping to launch the Bracket early next year, but if you like what you see it can be pre ordered from just $48.

Source: Project Bracket