Like Facebook Groups? Then You Will Love This App!

Facebooks are either your thing or they are not, but if they are then you might pleased to see this app from Facebook that allows the user to see all of their groups all in one handy place with no messing around, sounds ideal doesn’t it? The free Groups app is available for Android and iOS to help users to create new groups covering all sorts of subjects, share information, post your images or links and just stay in contact generally, basically, anything you do within the groups section of Facebook you can do here.

Facebook Launches Groups App

Groups on Facebook can cover all sorts of subjects from family to sports teams, from where you live to where you are being educated, there is a group for everyone and every subject within reason that is. The app just makes things easier and straightforward, it’s just for groups and that means with one touch you are taken to the place that you want to be and not having to click several times wasting time, with this app you get to where you want to be with just one touch of the screen.

Facebook Launches Groups App

As you would expect, this is a free app that can be found on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS.

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