The ArmorGrip Case For iPhone 6+ Owners!

ArmorGrip Case For iPhone 6+!

Let’s face it we have all tried to use our Smartphone’s one handed and even though it is possible there is a delicate balance required by the user that often ends with the device being dropped, which is something we never like to admit to and yet most of us have done this too. But finally, there is help literally at hand with this interesting case that helps the iPhone 6+ owner use the device with just one hand! The ArmorGrip case looks a bit like a standard case, but on the back there is an elastic strap for the user to slip their finger through providing them with a good grip on the device.

The cool thing is that when in the position the user is able to swipe the device screen, compose a text message and scroll through pages with ease, while knowing full well that the device is in safe hands. Sometimes coming up with a cool design often means that something has to be sidelined, but there are no compromises here as the ArmorGrip not only provides a firm grip, it looks great too. The ArmorGrip case will be going on sale early next year with a $70 price tag. However, if you pre order now you can pick one up from just $50!

ArmorGrip Case For iPhone 6+! ArmorGrip Case For iPhone 6+!

Source: Portenzo Store


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