Love And Language #MakeItHappen With Microsoft Lumia!

How are your new year’s resolutions going? Well maybe you could do with a bit of motivation with the help of Microsoft and Lumia. There is a new idea that they are calling #MakeItHappen and it does exactly that. If you really do want to keep those resolutions and plans on track there is help out there if you happen to be using a Lumia Smartphone that is, bad luck if not.

Watch Ed’s journey as he sets out to fulfil his resolution of learning a new language in order to surprise his wife on their wedding day. When we heard Ed wanted to give his groom’s speech to his wife Mariana in her native language, we wanted to help #MakeItHappen. Every day this December we’re helping people #MakeItHappen, so share your resolution with us to get involved

Love Language #MakeItHappen Microsoft Lumia!

Source: Lumia Make It Happen