Ampere The Sleeve That Charges Wirelessly!

We all love our Smartphone’s and many of us could not do without them, which is why we are so conscious of running out of battery power. However, carrying cables, chargers or emergency battery packs is not always practical or desirable. This is where the Ampere will come in handy, it’s a leather sleeve that will not only protect your Smartphone from scratches, it will also be able to offer up to ten hours of precious battery back up power that will easily get any Smartphone users through the day.

The sleeve is universal measuring 5.74 in (L) x 3.7 in (W) x 0.4 in (H) and weighs in at just 180 grams, so it’s not going to make much difference when being carried around. To help manage the power, there is a handy free app available for both Android and iOS powered devices. The nice thing about this sleeve is that it could be used when the Smartphone is in the users pocket or bag and for those times when the Smartphone is being used, it only has to be placed on top of the Ampere to charge, it’s easy and fast.

The Ampere could be going on sale mid year with a retail price of around $99, but pre order now and you could get your hands on one from just $75!

Source: Novelsys