How have Formula One innovations influenced our everyday car tech?

Over the years, Formula One racing has proven that improvements in car technology have been a driving force in the popularity of motor sport over the years. The drive to improve is a cornerstone of the Formula One philosophy. As an added bonus, the technology developed by Formula One over the years has helped society in many ways. For example, sensors originally developed for Formula One are now being used in the medical field. Of course it goes without saying that as Formula One develops new technologies, they are eventually applied to the everyday consumer car as the technologies become more affordable, or they may make an appearance even sooner in modern super and luxury cars. Here are some of the features you might find in your car that had their roots in the Formula One circuit.

Energy recovery systems

One of Formula One’s on-going technology goals is to strive for better car efficiency. Energy recovery systems help store power that would otherwise be lost. As a result, cars now feature fuel-efficient 1.6 Lt V6 engines instead of the larger and less fuel-efficient V8 engines of the past.

Advanced suspension systems

Sometimes a different degree of suspension can make the ride a whole lot smoother. The first car with active suspension went on to win an astounding 17 Grand Prix races. Now many standard cars feature suspension systems that offer options for extra comfort while commuting or sports style handling for the off road user.

Semi-automatic gearboxes

A semi-automatic gearbox helps drivers to shift gears with less errors and more speed. This is accomplished by doing away with the need for a clutch pedal. Since the clutch doesn’t have to be pushed in, there is less time needed to change gears.

Better and safer tires

Goodyear tires have been a part of Formula One for a long time. The goal has been to develop the most long lasting, puncture resistant, and stable tire possible. They are the reason modern automobiles have sensors that can alert the driver to tire punctures before they cause a big problem or even a potential accident. Since good tire pressure is essential for the safety and handling of a car, these sensors have reduced the incidence of wrecks caused by blowouts.

Formula One’s legacy of safety features

The 1970s brought numerous innovations and changes to the Formula One circuit. During this time, Max Mosley led the drive in addressing safety concerns of drivers after a catastrophic wreck that killed four people. A great business leader, Mosley has been influential in all aspects of Formula One racing and is a valuable source of information for those that want to stay up to date on their favourite motor sport. If interested, you can see his blog here.

Future advances

It is fascinating to ponder what great new technologies are in our future. The automobile companies and accessory companies are enthusiastic about being the first to come up with an innovative solution to improve the safety and experience of drivers. These advances will improve the accident rates and fatalities on highways throughout the world and help ensure the roads are as safe as possible.