KiiTAG 2! The Digital Swiss Army Knife!


The Swiss Army knife is a classic piece of design that has many variations and yet so far there is yet to be a version that has been totally geared up for the modern world. This is the KiiTAG 2 is such a design that combines emergency back up battery power, 8GB or 16GB flash drive memory, USB cable connection, handy flash light, up to four smartphone short cuts and the ability to locate your keys up to 200 feet away. Yet despite featuring, all of those functions and features the KiiTAG 2 still comes in the classic Swiss army knife design with everything folding into the body for safe keeping.

It will work with either an Android or iOS powered device with some great shortcut features such as; fake phone call, camera control, phone finder, phone answer, messenger, voice record and sound effects. So you can see just valuable this device can be for the modern world, the Swiss army knife has grown up to grab its place in the digital world. The KiiTAG 2 could be launching very soon, but there is still a chance to pre order one at a great price, $40 for the 8GB or $50 for the 16GB version.

Source: Life N Soul