Peri Duo Packs In Speakers And Spare Battery!

The Smartphone is brilliant, but in many cases the battery and speakers are not, which is disappointing for many owners. however there are some solutions available,

but not all offer the user a solution to both problems, which means the user has to buy additional accessories or make a choice of what is more important. However, it does not have to be that way as this is the Peri Duo hard shelled case; it comes with a built in speaker system and a 2500 mAh battery pack, which offers enough spare power to fully charge an empty Smartphone battery. It uses a Bluetooth connection so it’s not going to eat up the battery and does not require cables etc making nice and neat.

It has a slim design, which is surprising because of the built in microphone, programmable DSP Equaliser, Hi Res DAC and wireless connectivity. The Peri Duo comes some cool colour combinations like white & gold, red & black and black & silver. There are some limited editions too, so the choice of colour might be the hardest decision the buyer has to make. The Peri Duo case will be going on sale soon at $139, but currently it can be pre ordered from just $99, which is a nice saving to be had.

Source: My Peri