The Earth As A Living Science Book!

The Earth Primer App!

Sometimes it hard to think of the Earth as living, moving and breathing thing, yet it is and therefore to students of science it is the ultimate living and working science experiment. However, it does not have to be just for scientists as this app for iOS powered devices that can show the user just how the Earth works with details on how volcanoes, glaciers and deserts work, there is a lot to learn about the planet still and Earth Primer unlocks some of the planets secrets.

The app is like a living science book, so it’s great for anyone of any age, you just have to be interested in how the planet we call home works. Maybe then, more people might appreciate it more. There are five chapters to explore; Earth’s Interior, Surface, Water Cycle, Biomes and Sandbox, these will cover most regions on the planet. There are also twenty tools to unlock that will make the whole experience even more exciting.

The forces of nature are at your fingertips—make volcanoes, shape sand dunes, form glaciers, sculpt mountains, push around tectonic plates, paint with wind, heat up magma—and more!

The Earth Primer App!

This app is available on iTunes for iOS powered devices and it will set you back around $10!

Source: Earth Primer