The MOTA Puts The Smart Into Ring!

MOTA Smartring For Notications!

Many of us Smartphone users who are constantly checking the devices for notifications and messages forget that it can be rude or annoying to others, but what is the alternative to this problem for the busy Smartphone user. Well how about checking out this MOTA Smartring, it is easy to pair with the users Smartphone using a low energy Bluetooth connection and once on the finger it will simply vibrate when a notification arrives as not to disturb anyone else who is nearby. Not only that, on the small screen on the top of the ring these notifications can be scrolled though and all without touching the Smartphone in your pocket at all, how about that for being polite?

The MOTO smartring has its own built in battery that is charged via its own wireless charging station. The whole thing is made possible because of the Android and iOS apps that will be available that does all of the hard work so that the user does not have to. The MOTA Smartring will be launching this June with a price tag of around $150, but at the moment it can still be pre ordered from just $100 and there is a choice of either Midnight Black or Pearl White colours.

MOTA Smartring For Notications!

Source: MOTA


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