Pocket Points Pays School Kids Not To Check Their Phones!

Kids Earn Point For Not Using Phones!

No matter where you go these days there will people checking their phones, you cannot escape it and this habit of ours is creeping into the classroom, which is not good for teachers and other pupils. However, as with anything that kids do today trying to get them to stop is easier said than done. This is where an app called Pocket Points is hoping to encourage kids to keep their phones in their pockets while in class.

It works by treating the whole thing like a game, offering points for the time that the device is not touched. As the points build, they can be exchanged for cool stuff such as free food. Pocket Points is only available on iOS powered devices and in certain areas of the US such as, California State University, Chico and Penn State, but there are around a thousand users, so it’s growing.

Source: Pocket Points