Make Your Own Ice Cream With Shake ‘N’ Make!

Shake 'N' Make Ice Cream Maker!

In the good old days ice cream used to be made by hand using ice, salt and a lot of physical mixing, but this technique has almost been lost to technology, which is a shame. However, if you like the idea of making your own ice cream by hand using the ingredients and flavours of your choice, then the Shake ‘N’ Make sounds ideal. Just add salt and ice into the base unit, then add you ice cream mix into the bowl, secure the lid and shake for a few minutes for perfect ice cream made to your own taste by you! How cool is that and how impressed will your family and friends be?

With the hand powered ice cream maker, you will be able to make homemade ice cream in 3 minutes. There is no need for batteries; it is easy to use with no mechanical parts to worry about. The machine is able to create nice bite size frozen desserts just follow the instructions and recipe ideas that are included. This hand powered ice cream maker measures up at 117 mm (W) x 156 mm (H) x 117 mm (D) and it weighs in at 211 grams. If you fancy home made ice cream without all of the fuss, then it’s only going to cost you £15!

Source: Just Mustard