Is Telepresence The Way Forward? Check Out The Origibot!

Having a telepresence sounds ideal for anyone who cannot or does not want to get around, but is this science fiction? Well any fan of the Big Bang Theory would know that Sheldon created a cool telepresence device. It seems that the only way we are going to know if this sort of thing will work is to take a closer look at one. This is the Origibot, a telepresence device that is not only functional, it’s affordable too.

The design allows the user to pair an Android or iOS powered Smartphone or tablet so that the user is able to communicate with others using tow way audio and video. The Origibot is controlled online through the app. To manoeuvre the Origibot it is just like playing a game, the joystick feature allows the user to move the Origibot forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and to stop.  While the arm and gripper means that it can carry stuff and even open doors.

The Origibot will be launching sometime this year with a price tag of around $900, but get your order in now and you only need to pay $600 for the Origibot with Arm and Gripper function.

Source: Origibot