Carabinsi Proves That Not All Carabiners Are The Same!

Carabinsi The Cool Carabiner!

There is something very useful about a good carabiner as it has many uses from keeping keys safe, emergency tools and for keeping things together. However, sometimes there are designs that push the limits of normal. This is the Carabinsi it’s a carabiner but not just an average carabiner as this one comes with NFC Technology, bottle opener, wrenches, can opener and a whole host of functions combining these features.

Yet, there is more with this clever little thing as it can easily be personalised using photos, images or logos, simply cut to size and then just insert into the space provided for a cool personal look. The Carabinsi will be launching in the middle of the year, but they are taking pre orders now from $20 for the Billy or Jimi versions now.

Source: Carabinsi