It’s Serious When Russia Says It With Chocolate!

Chocolate Politics Russian Style!

We are used to hearing the politicians talk the talk and the media filling in the gaps that often makes thing worse. However, in Russia it should be no surprise that they do things a little differently. This is the response to the current situation from the Confael chocolate company. They make jokes at Presidents Obama and Hollande as well as German Chancellor Merkel. While President Putin looks cool in shades, it seems the war of words is moving into a different arena, the confectionary sector. According to the company, they said in a statement that;

Today, for many of us, despite the upcoming holidays, it’s very difficult to think in terms of flowers and gifts — the political situation in the country distracts us

So, you have seen how they do it Russia, what should they be doing in the West in order counter this sweet political message?

Source: Confael