Proscan Lets You Know Whats In Your Food!

Most packaged food comes with some sort of nutritional advice, but if you are buying fresh food that has no packaging it’s all going to be down to guess work. Well not for much longer, as the Proscan portable food scanner will be able to tell you the composition of any food placed onto its surface, just press scan and it starts to work. To make the whole procedure easier, there will be a Proscan smartphone app, for Android, iOS and later on Windows powered devices, the app will track calories and store previous scans, discovering what is in your food has never been easier.

It is easy to use, simply place a piece of food onto the Proscan, press the Scan button and within a few seconds it will display the Calories, Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Cholesterol and Dietary Fiber. Keeping an eye on what you consume, such as salt, fat, carbs and calories used be full time job, if you are using a portable food scanner it becomes easy and fast. The Proscan will be launching later on this year, but it can be pre ordered now from just $99 for the Mini version in either black or silver.

Source: Get Proscan