The Martin Jetpack The Dream Is Almost Here!

Ever since James Bond escaped capture after killing SPECTRE Agent No. 6, Jacques Bouvar there has been a desire for a personal jet pack. However, that was fifty years ago and we are still waiting. However, work is being done on a practical Jet Pack by the New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company. The design has been test flown and it’s just a matter of time before we get to see much more of Martin Jetpack. So far, we that the Jet Pack is able to carry a single pilot, its powered by a 200 HP 100hr low vibration engine with a 45 litre fuel capacity.

It has a range of 30 Kms, a flight time of thirty minutes and an air speed of 40 knots. As for the size of the Jet Pack, it measures up at 2.20 m (H) x 2.14 m (W) x 1.75 m (D) and weighs in at 200 kilos with a maximum lift off weight of around 320 kilos. The Jetpack is still in development, but Martin Aircraft are expecting to achieve a price point of around US$150,000 for the non commercial model, we are awaiting news on when this is going to become available.

Source: Martin Jetpack