Beam The Projector That Fits Into A Light Socket!

The Beam Light Socket Projector!

Normally a projector would need to be connected to the device, but Beam does it differently by fitting into a light socket either directly or via a cable connection. The job it does is the same as any other projector, but with more features and you have the option to use it as your daily assistant making sure that you are up on time etc. With the Beam projector, the user is able to watch TV or movies, play games or use it as an alarm to wake up to. Whatever the Beam is going to be used for it is easy to set up using the Android and iOS apps, while the Beam can be placed into any light socket making it very portable allowing it to be used a variety of ways.

Probably the best use is via the cable as it can be pointed towards a wall for a clear image projection. The great thing about this is the apps, you just use your current apps as you would on the Smartphone or tablet, the only difference is that you get to see them on a much larger scale and can share content with others at home or at work. The Beam offers an LED Pico projector with an 854 x 480 pixel resolutions, 100 Lumen and 20,000 projection hours. There is a built computer powered by an 1.3 GHZ dual core processor and running on Android OS. It has 8 GB of storage, Wi-Fi, two 2 watt speakers, Bluetooth 4.0 and twelve powerful LED’s to complete the package.

The Beam will be launching later on this year, we do not know what the final retail price will be but we do know that $399 gets you one at a discounted price before the Beam goes on sale.

Source: Beam Labs Inc