Share Your London Moving Experiences London Is Changing!

London Is Changing!

The property market in London is on the way up again, but it has been a turbulent time for anyone wanting to live in the UK’s biggest city. This has meant that people have been moving in, moving out and in some cases staying put. This gave Rebecca Ross, who is the MA communication design course leader at the Central St Martins art school in London an idea and it is called If there ever was a time to put the property market under the microscope, it has to be now as the market it taking off once more.

The idea behind this project is to fuel the discussion on why people have decided to move in, move out or stay put in London. There is a form on the webpage that is made up of a series of questions designed to gauge the reason why people have made their decision. Is it because of work, money or lifestyle, could there be another reason as to why London is in or out of favour. Or could it be something else, there are many reasons involved in making such a drastic decision.

This project is intended to facilitate discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London. Via a web form, we are asking a series of questions intended to capture a variety of personal stories and circumstances that will enhance understanding of broader demographic trends concerning migration into, out of, and around London.

The form can be found on the London Is Changing webpage, it’s only a few questions long, but you have to choose at the beginning from; are you planning to leave London or planning to live in London, the results will make an interesting background to the diversity of the city.

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