The Tixxii App Alerts Drivers About Their Cars!

For a driver you take it for granted that when you walk away from your car it’s going to be there safe and sound when you return. However, it’s always like that as there are many rules of the road that could mean a fine or even result in your car being towed. Nevertheless, all that could be a thing of the past with Tixxii, which is a new app that aims to take the sting out these kind of issues and it can even alert the owner if it has been involved in an accident. It is easy to use too but requires the cooperation of other car owners in order for it to work.

The best way to do it is to get your neighbours, work colleagues, friends and family to get the app that way if your car, theirs or somebody else’s is about to be ticketed, towed or involved in an accident, simply enter the reg number and send the message. This should allow the vehicle owner to get back in time to move the vehicle before the ticket is issued or get the driver and vehicle details if it has been involved in an accident.

100% Free to use. Feel safe knowing your vehicle is being watched by other Tixxii users. Send instant email alerts to other drivers about their vehicles. Receive instant email alerts from other drivers about your vehicle

This is a simple idea that could save drivers the hassle of coming back to their car only to see a parking ticket, accident damage or that it has been towed away. The app is free and is available from Google Play and iTunes now, you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. The price of peace of mind is having friends looking out for you.

Source: Tixxii