UAMP Gives Your Audio A Boost!

Sometimes the speakers built into a Smartphone, tablet or any other device leave a lot to be desired, but with this little UAMP device your audio can be boosted by two and half times.

The great thing about this device is its size, the UAMP can fit into a pocket easily and therefore just because you are out that does not mean that you have sacrifice audio quality anymore. The UAMP connects Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and PC to headphones, speaker systems and even a car audio system if required. There are five sound modes available flat, bass boost, bass treble, streaming music and a custom level, with a low distortion rate too.

It is housed in a cool looking aluminium casing, that will help the user to experience up to 2.5 times the max volume of the device. There is a built in battery that is capable of providing up to ten hours of life and is charged from a USB connector. The UAMP measures up at just 1.69 inches (W) x 1.69 inches (L) x 0.36 inches (H) and it weighs in at just 0.9 ounces. If everything goes according to plan the UAMP could be launching later on this year, but if you like it and want to make sure that you one as soon as launches, they are accepting pre orders starting from $65.

Source: UAMP