Got A Pet? Is It Cute Or Not?

The internet is full of images of cats, dogs and every other pet that you could possibly think of. So it seems only right that while the rest of the internet have to see these images

that they should have a say as to whether your pet is Cute or Not! Sure, there are plenty of apps like this around, but will the owners of cats, dogs or something else be able to resist the pull of their pet being judged as Cute? Thanks to Buzzfeed, they have created such an app. It’s only available for the iPhone, but what it does is give the user the ultimate power over people who share their pet’s photos.

With a simple swipe to the right your pet has been judged as being cute. So that means you all know what the swiping to the left means? The app is meant as a bit of fun, but we all know that it’s not going to end there as sometimes disapproval often offends. We are expecting plenty of pet pics and plenty of swipes to the left or the right, the question is can you handle it? The Cute or Not app is only available for the iPhone, owners can download it free from iTunes.

Source: Cute or Not