Liven Up Your Email Messages With Hop!

For years, email has been boring and yet it’s something that we all have to deal with every single day. So in order to make email a bit more interesting there is this cool app called Hop!

This app gives your existing email accounts a new breath of life and it makes no difference where you are getting your email from either as the Hop email app works with existing email providers and services. Hop is capable of synchronising with all devices, so while the emails are using the cloud Hop is displaying it in a cool and exciting way.

What this Hop email messaging app does is take the users new and old email messages from being the standard plain old email text and then it transforms these messages into a cool looking chat style conversation, which is something that we are all more familiar with these days. The app is also able to support some of those important features such as; photos, documents, voice, video and real time messaging. This could be the messaging app that we have been waiting for; it’s just a matter of seeing what the app can do for us now.

Hop is the first ever app to turn your existing email into fast, multimedia mobile messaging, focused on the people and groups that matter most to you. Connect Hop to your existing Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! or iCloud account and get ready to experience email like never before.

The great thing about Hop is that it’s not about connecting with other Hop users, you can connect with everyone. The Hop email app is free and it can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS, there is no reason not to try this app out for a short while, as there is nothing to lose and you never know you might like it.

Source: Get Hop