Rechargeable And Eco Friendly Lightors Batteries!

It makes no matter what sort of technology we use the chances are that there will be a need for an AA or AAA battery or two in there somewhere.

This means that from time to time your technology become useless simply because the battery has run out of juice, this is not only disappointing it can be embarrassing too. There is a simple enough solution though and that is to have a plentiful supply of spare batteries or choose a rechargeable battery like these Lightors. They look like a standard battery and act like one, but these are rechargeable through a microUSB cable and can be recharged over five hundred times.

The great thing about Lightors is that they are eco friendly, safe to use, cost effective, innovative and there is no need for a charger either. The Lightor battery system means that you will always have a fully charged battery for all of your devices. The Lightors rechargeable battery system will be launching later on this year, but they can be pre ordered now from just $8 for a pack of two AA or AAA batteries with a micro USB cable. This is one of those products that quite literally pay for themselves over a short period of time.

Source: Lightors