The Fogo Smart Flashlight And Outdoor Gadget!

Getting out and about is easy enough, but there is more to making the most of big outside and this is going to require something that is robust, as well as smart.

The Fogo, could be the answer to making being in the wilderness a little more comfortable. When it comes to survival, it’s all a matter of being prepared and although the Fogo looks like a flashlight, it offers much more. This device is 1.78 inches wide and 5.56 inches long, yet it provides the user with all sorts tools and features to make being outside more comfortable.

The Fogo is packed full of features and functions such as; a GPS receiver, flashlight, USB backup emergency battery, an App based OS and Bluetooth LE. There is a motion tracker and pedometer for keeping track of distances, backlit LCD screen, ambient light sensor, a digital compass and a bike computer that can check speed, elevation, odometer and with Bluetooth sensors. The unit is rechargeable and comes with field replaceable batteries, the SmartCap interface, clock, calendar, alarm and there is a handy 128 MB of built-in Flash storage.

The SmartCap offers the ability to send and receive text messages, make real-time voice communications, digital voice messaging all using the built-in microphone and speaker. The Fogo should be launching later on this year, but it can be pre ordered now from $175 or $225 if you want to include the SmartCap.

Source: Fogo