KaliPAK Portable Solar Powered Energy Generator!

This is the KaliPAK, if there is only one thing that you could carry in an emergency situation this is it, because as the dust settles you are going to need power for light,

heat, cooking and charging batteries in order to survive the aftermath. Of course, it’s not all about disasters this kind of equipment is useful to travellers, campers and just about anyone else who is off the grid, so there are a lot of people who use something this on daily basis or just to put away for emergencies either way this is something worth having.

The great thing about this kit is that its light and it can be charged via the folding solar panels or by the cigarette lighter port in a vehicle. Once fully charged the KaliPAK is able to provide power via the 12 volt output or through a USB port, the user can even manage the energy use via their smartphone using the KaliApp, which is handy because you can only get around 85% of full charge using the solar panels, so that has to be taken into consideration when using the power for lights etc.

The Survivor’s Power Kit comes with a Kalisaya AC/DC multi inverter, a 3W/5W Led bulb, cord and carabiner. As well the car lighter adapter, powerful quick charge USB splitter and a waterproof PowerBank torch. This is an added extra, but anyone pre ordering the 401 model will be getting this pack of cool stuff too, which is a great deal to get you started on your quest to be off the grid.

The KaliPAK will be launching towards the end of the year with a retail price around $600, but pre order now for just $420 and you get the KaliPAK 401, with the Survivor’s PowerKit, the KaliPAK weatherproof Raincoat and the special outdoor, dri-fit, all weather, T-shirt with the cool MayThePowerBW•U logo.

Source: Kalisaya