LAB The Drone With A Smartphone Brain!

With a vast amount of Drones available to the public, it must be hard to choose the right one from the different sizes and prices.

The LAB Drone looks like a standard quadcopter, but with one big difference, it uses a Smartphone as its face and brain. The brain part is self explanatory, but the face? Well the face part of this clever drone is a bit of fun and anyone can create a cool looking face the LAB Drone, you could even add some cool audio effects too. The Smartphone is held securely in a bracket and even it came loose the arms of the drone would ensure that it remains in place. This is an interesting drone that offers more than the average model can, it is also able to make flying a drone more fun than just using it to take videos of boring stuff.

The LAB can be folded down to be carried off in a backpack due to its size, it measures up at 165 mm (L) x 90 mm (W) x 10 mm (D) and weighs in at 800 grams with a maximum payload weight of 1350 grams. It can reach a maximum speed of 10m/s and has a flight time of around 10 min to 20 min depending on circumstances such as wind, weight being carried and speeds that the drone is pushed to.

LAB is a drone, whose brain and face is a smart phone. Everyone can program the brain of LAB, rendering expressions and emotions on the phone display and make sounds with the phone speaker. Everyone can distribute the brain via App Store, LAB brings the ecosystem of smart phone into drone industry!

The LAB Drone will be taking off later on this year, but for a short while pre orders start from just $239 for the LAB Frame kit.

Source: LAB Romance