Use Any Charger To Charge Your iPhones Battery!

Across the Smartphone market, the micro USB has been adopted as the universal form of charging, all except for the owners of the iPhone.

These guys use the Lightning connection, but what if they are out, their battery is running low and nobody else is using an iPhone? Well they have to make do with a phone that has no power for a while. However, this handy little adapter called the uCharger could be the answer to this situation. Basically, the uCharger is something that you buy and forget about, until that time when your iPhone needs a battery boost and the only charger available comes with a micro USB connection.

The uCharger has a micro USB port in one end and a Lightning connector in the other, simply connect and charge. There are four colours to choose from, green, red, yellow or blue so there could be one for every iPhone user in your family or business. There is a downside of course, iPhone owners will no longer have the excuse that their battery was low and could not find a suitable charger. Expect to see the uCharger going on sale later this year, but for those who simply cannot wait it can be pre ordered from just $7 for a short while.

Source: uCharger