Portable Universal Adapter That Comes With Twist!

Twist Universal Adapter!

Charge a MacBook in any country with the Twist Plus World Charging Station, this handy and portable adapter comes with four ports, a 4.0 amp USB charging station that allows the user to charge up to five devices at once from a single power outlet. This is the sort of thing that travellers should be packing before anything else, as without power your MacBook is going to be completely useless. The Twist is a clever one piece design with a built in 2.4A 12W high power USB charger, it has an easy to use twist and release function with a universal AC power outlet feature. It is able to be used in over 150 countries and for safety there is a built in fuse protection feature. The Twist measures up at just 58 mm (L) x 58 mm (W) x 86.5 mm (H) and it weighs in at around 175 grams.

The Twist Plus World Charging Station charges MacBook, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet at the same time, you can purge the number of power cords, international converters and chargers you carry. And since MacBook USB ports are precious commodities on the road and in the office, Twist Plus World Charging Station’s USB charging station is a welcome addition. There are three versions of the power adapter, the Twist Plus Macbook World Adapter will be $24.99, The Twist World Adapter is $34.99 and The Twist Plus World Adapter is $39.99.

Source: One Adaptr