Soon Android Phones Will Come With Waze!

You may already know about Waze, but if not, here we go! Waze is social navigation app that was recently acquired by Google and as such will soon find its way onto Android powered Smartphone’s in the not too distant future if Google have their way, so we might as well get used to seeing it then. Waze is to become a member of the Google Mobile Services package that find their way onto all devices that run the Android operating system. This means that Waze will be joining all of the other such as; Google Maps, Hangouts, YouTube and Gmail.

So what is Waze? Basically, Waze is based on crowd sourced data gathered from users of the apps, so information is up to date and could make the journey to work to easier if there has been incident on the road etc. This is so more than a satellite navigation system, simply because it offers a non commercial view of what’s going on ahead. In addition, Google are not going to let it slip through without having built into Android from the start.

You will be pleased to know that the Waze app is free and if you are getting a new Android powered Smartphone in the future it could come pre installed. If you cannot wait, then check it out on iTunes for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Source: Waze