Windblockers Stops The Wind Ruining Your Phone Calls!

How often have you relied on noise cancelling software on your Smartphone to eliminate any background noise during a phone call, only to find out later that the person you were calling could hardly hear a word you were saying? Well, like those covers used by the media to block out the wind during an outside broadcast, Windblockers cover the Smartphone’s microphone and will effectively cut out those annoying background sounds such as wind etc.

Windblocker international developed a clip that fits nearly all Smartphone’s and tablets. The special foam structure provides a huge wind noise suppression. No more wind noise during outdoor phone calls or video recordings!

Not only that, the Windblocker will come in wide range of colours to suite the users style. They are easy to use too, just pinch the clip feature together and place into position over the microphone. The price of the Windblocker is yet to be announced, but we cannot imagine it being too much.

Source: Windblocker